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Tiara Jea'nae was created to share my story while connecting women across the globe. Since high school, I have been obsessed with blogs, however, found that many  audience members do not have a platform or do not know how to share their own stories. With an aggressive nudge from God, I decided to cross the line from reader to writer and I am loving it! It is my prayer the opinions, books, and testimonies I share with you will inspire you to cross whatever line that is hindering you from sharing your story!


With this site, I hope to create a community of women who can answer each other’s burning questions. Throughout this journey, I will share my thoughts on religion, race, and politics. I will review various books and podcast that I am currently enjoying.  And share advice on college and professional development! 


However, I am most excited to share other phenomenal women's stories through the #herstory section of the site. Each of these women are using their gifts to create change in their community. It is my prayer that they teach you all that you do not have to be a CEO or Life Coach to carry the calling God has for you. It is important for me not to only share my own thoughts but give you the opportunity to hear from other women as well. I am confident that these testimonies will help you during your current season and give you a different perspective on life.


Hopefully, you are just as excited as I am about Tiara Jea’nae.  I know this will not be the easiest ride for me but I truly believe this is something God has called me to do, so I must obey! So for now, YOU can explore the rest of the website, read the blog posts, follow me on social media, and try to hold tight till the next blog post!

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