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Race Relations




hola chica!

Thank you for visiting Tiara Jea’nae.


My name is Gladys Tiara Jea’nae Sargeant but most people call me Tiara or "T” and ultimately, I want to bridge minds to create solutions for the problems burdening communities.


I am a strong believer in Christ and try to find his beauties each week. My brother would say that I am obsessed with him…and he might be correct. Since we are 8 years a part, I take pride in being able to guide him through life. However, I have a strong love for the rest of family as well. I also cherish my current friends, since over the years I have discovered who truly loves me for me. Besides hanging with family and friends, I love to travel and eat! I have been out of the country twice and would like to step foot on all 50 states by the time I reach 50 years old.


Hopefully, through this blog you will learn more about me. Each element of my full name Gladys Tiara Jea’nae Sargeant, represents an aspect of my life. Gladys, was my maternal grandmother’s name who was an amazing cook for her family and was drive by her faith. You can say, Tiara, represents my fun side…your girl likes to have travel and fun! Jea’nae, showcases my love for community outreach while Sargeant emphasizes my strong connection to my family and friends.


You will learn about me through this blog. However, I want to challenge you to learn more about yourself through the stories I share you with!



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