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The Perfect Fit

A bra is a something that supports a part of the female body. They come in all different colors, shapes, and sizes, but at the end of the day it is important that you are fit in the right size and they support you in the best way possible. It honestly took me a minute to sit down and write this post for reasons I can’t even exactly pin point. I want to start off saying how thankful I am for finally being fit into the right bra and having a great support system

Now a support system for anyone is one of the most priceless things in life. I realized how precious my support system was this past year. Now, yes I knew I had amazing friends and family but spiritually and personally I was pushed down to my lowest and I lost friends in the process, but gained a stronger sense of love and faith in not only myself but also God. I realized how amazing hard times could be and in order to fully understand the steps I took to get to where I am at today we are going to correlate this to getting fit in to a new bra and getting rid of those old ones that no longer serve a purpose.

Before you even start the process of being fit and finding a new bra, women usually come to the conclusion that they need new ones and better support. I remember going into 2017 thinking, this is my year, so optimistic and so sure everything in my head and all my hard work would align perfectly. Although that is a very optimistic way of thinking, I was also being very naïve. I was seeing someone and entering my second semester of my fourth year at Miami University. I was involved in clubs and dealing with serious depression behind closed doors. There were days where I didn’t feel like moving, talking, turning on lights, etc. Through this time, I dealt with self-doubt and a psychological (mentally) abusive relationship that really tested the love I had for myself tremendously. I never imagined putting myself in or even being in a situation where I compromised the growing love for myself just to occasionally feel or seem happy. There were days where I was very happy and felt like I had a good one, but most days I was sad, crying, closed off, and sinking in self doubt and self hate. I slowly realized a horrible rollercoaster I was on and there were times I would get off or try to, but always wound up back on for another ride. One day I am the most beautiful girl ever to him and the next I’m lucky to not be a girl out here with a man cheating on her, when that wasn’t even the case and when it shouldn’t have down played or taken attention away from our unhealthy situation, even though I let his words convince me otherwise.

Through roughly five months of constant heartbreak on top of everything else I was battling personally, I had a breaking point and decided to find new and better support. I began to lean more on God and would just casually talk to him more and more no matter where I was, in the car, in the shower, cooking, even at the grocery store. Just thanked him for another day and being grateful I came out stronger than I started. Praying for continuous growth and faith in myself. Knowing that everything that happens in my life isn’t going to be unicorns, flowers and roses and that is perfectly okay. Now that I decided to be fit and find this better support, I slowly began to realize the great support I had previously that took care of me, even when I felt like I couldn’t myself. To those people who never judged, always loved and stayed honest and true to me I will forever be grateful because that is tough love and the best love.

The next step once you are fit is to pick out new bras (the fun part). This part of my life was new routines and new ways of thinking. I studied abroad in London, I worked and built strong relationships with coworkers, I celebrated a childhood friend’s marriage and new beginning, and I am now working through yet another transition stage of my life, which included classes and preparing for my future for graduate school as well as starting a YouTube channel for makeup tutorials and a personal vlog. I can’t lie and say that I have had a few set backs but I am learning that it is okay to be alone and very okay to fall down along the way because I am strong enough to pick myself right back up. Also knowing that my support system is the cherry on top of a perfect bra, if that’s even a thing (let’s make it a thing).

It took me a very long time to even open up to loved ones and even come to terms myself that the beginning of this year was a dark time in my life. I shut them out of it, I lied, covered up my feelings and masked my happiness in order to compromise for a below average relationship. I found growth in recognizing what happened to me but not feeling bad for myself. Instead using it as fuel for my faith in God and the growing love I have for myself, and the loved ones around me. I Keep the most supportive and loving friends I have close to me and ask God to remove the one’s who no longer support me in the right way (those bad and old bra’s). Like anything you purchase, the more money you spend on it, the better quality it will be, and the longer it will last. I choose to think of myself as a high quality girl, with a high quality God and a high quality friends and family. I remember for a moment thinking, I’m ready for a relationship and to get back out there, then a best friend of mine reminded me that nothing good can be rushed and that I still needed to allow myself time to grow and heal. I watched a documentary on Demi Lovato before writing this and she said, “there are issues that I still haven’t yet conquered, and that I know I won’t conquer if I am relying on someone to take care of the loneliness.” I can’t rush any thing, a possibly chance at a relationship, growth, love, God; none of this can be rushed. Good things take time and what is meant for me will be for me. Luckily I have new bras, which weren’t cheap, worth it because they will last and beyond cute I might add, it’s the perfect fit.

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