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Miscarried But Not Mistaken

Hello World,

My name is Christian Singleton but you can call me Chrissy Singleton since we're basically family now. I'm 31 years young and I totally have no idea where the time has gone! Being that my undergraduate college degree took me almost eleven years to complete, my journey hasn’t been traditional. But I thank God that my journey isn’t anyone else's, and every bit of wisdom I've soaked up, I wanna pour out. Just yesterday I was twenty one and sneaking bottles into the club on my birthday,drunk, thinking this was cool, it wasn’t. In that I had to embrace my path towards becoming who God has created me to be, outside of the distractions, detours, and cute males that say all the right things, I wonder will you be up for the challenge also? But doing it with a posture of gratitude throughout it all, it was a challenge for me to grasp at first. And I want to introduce this ideal and or question into this conversation.

Question: What Do You Do, When Things Don't go as Planned?

I've been disappointed so much in my life from my Dad, to school pressures, friends revealing true colors, the guys I like not liking me, sickness that attacked my body in 2011 which resulted in me being diagnosed with interstitial lung disease, also mixed connective tissue disease,heartbreak, to marriage not being as smooth as I thought at first, to the most recent, a miscarriage with our first pregnancy as a married couple. And I've come to understand that life is full of inevitable circumstances. That we can’t minimize the fact that these feats are designed to build character and grit within us. The reality is that our ways are not God's ways like in Isaiah 55:8-9, even though we prefer our own ways, God’s timing doesn't fluctuate because we are impatient. When I graduated in 2015 everyone had jobs lined up and companies wanting them to be apart of there organizations. But do you think I had a call, no, and our next step is to fall into worry, but as a believer in Jesus I'm apart of a different system, God's system. And the very instances when I'm not in control, he is on watch, on guard like a London guard in front of the queen's residence. You and I can live as if we are protected, like the gracious God that he is, despite relationships, friendships, family drama, health, test scores, job opportunities etc not going as we had planned. Please, remember that this life we are living is not new to him. The choices we are going to make, it's already planned out, we are walking our journeys out by faith, he wants us to call on him when the wind blows a little. And the most prideful thing we could do is leave God out of something he created us for and minimize the foresight that he has for the future, matter of fact he is the future, he is the alpha and the omega. That comforts me, the humility of saying I don't know to God, opens his hands of creativity and opportunity, knowing that I Miscarried but I'm not Mistaken. God knows what he is doing, and surrender is the sweet release to allow the maker to paint on a canvas that is going to be worth so much b/c of the freedom the designer has to create. Life may not turn out like you planned but the life that he has created for us is better suited for us, if we understand that humanity was created to make much of God. So let him continue to create in you. Be You. Trust the First Creative. Counter the Culture. Go Against the Norm.

Love you Fam Bam,

Chrissy Singleton

Follow me on IG and Soundcloud at @liveitchrissy for upcoming music, visuals and email me at to connect. Counter Culture, we go against the norm

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