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Dear Freshman Me,

Dear freshman me,

You are blessed. God has given you so many things, be sure not to take them for granted. You have a caring family, good education, and life. Thank him for it all and praise him. Everything that happens is because of him, not your own doing (Ephesians 2:8).

You know your strengths and weaknesses. Use your strengths to help you and others around you. Don't be afraid to ask other for help to make up for your weaknesses. This is the best time for you to experiment and try new things, so DO WHAT YOU WANT. If you have an idea or plan, act on it. Share your ideas to gain support, you must ask to receive. The number one thing to remember is, no one on this Earth is your judge. Regardless of how long you've known someone, how well you know someone, or how important they may seem to others, just be you. Stick to your values and be courageous. Don't adjust to conform to society's norms. Be the one to make change, not avoid it. And don't forget to love yourself; you are your biggest fan. Love you always, Jada Kennedy

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