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The Saved Chic Q&A

Coffee or Tea?

Neither. I’m more of a cranberry juice or crystal light packet—shake it up in a water bottle type of girl.

Beach or City?

Doesn’t really matter as long as I’m having fun!

Guacamole or Queso?

Definitely all about the Queso at Qdoba and their guacamole since it’s free! LOL

What artist do you currently have on replay?

So it all depends if we are being righteous or ratchet hehe. Right now I am loving “Make Room” by Jonathan McReynolds and Miranda Curtis “Open Heaven.” So I definitely listen to those two songs at least twice a day! And of course, I have new new Cardi B album (clean version) in rotation!

What is one thing people do not know about you?

I’m afraid of statues. Lol.

What is your favorite scripture? And devotional

So my favorite scripture EVER is Romans 8:28 “For we know that all things work together for the good of those that love God and are called according to his purpose.” This scripture has been my saving grace for over 8 years now—no matter what I go through this is the first scripture I always confess.

And a current favorite scripture will be Ecclesiastes 7:8 “the end of a thing is better than its beginning; the patient in spirit is better than the proud in spirit.” This scripture has resonated with me most recently because I am going through a lot of transitions. I will be graduating college in three days (April 21, 2018) I will be leaving my internship of 8 months, the dynamics of my relationships are changing, you name it, its happening. And although I have been having a hard time dealing with the transitions, this scripture affirms to me that the end is ALWAYS better than the beginning. We can rejoice when things come to an end because God has another plan/blessing for you. So this scripture has definitely settled my spirit, to rejoice in the “ending” of things.

Please tell us your story in five words

“I always make a comeback.”

What is The Saved Chic?

The Saved Chic is a Christian apparel brand that is meant to encourage women to be the standard for Christ, while embracing who God has created them to be.

What inspired you to develop The Saved Chic?

One main reason is I wanted to share my personal testimony of remaining sexually pure until marriage by way of apparel—and I also wanted to create a brand that 100% represented me. I am 25 years old and having been raised in church my entire life, I found that many women were insecure or didn’t embrace their difference. And by difference I mean, they weren’t comfortable with being themselves.

I always felt growing up that my individuality was a threat to many women in the church, I was comfortable with wearing loud colors, rocking an afro, occasionally dying my hair weird colors, and having very outgoing personality, and still love God with my whole heart. And I felt as if people wanted to stifle that in me. So thesavedchic is for me too! It’s my creative outlet that constantly reminds me to be an individual, love God and still pursue his purpose!

So TheSavedChic represents the bold, fierce, rare, wise woman—

What do you hope people will take away, when they experience The Saved Chic?


How have been able to share your faith as a college student?

I got involved with Christian organizations on campus and outside of school. I would attend a weekly bible study group every week on campus, then I became a part of Pinky Promise. Then I began to share my faith through social media. And sometimes I would minister to people on campus.

How do you ensure you have quiet time with God as a college student?

I believe quiet time can happen anywhere where you designate to commit that time to god. As college students you’re typically on the go—in between classes, meetings, internships, curricular activities, etc. If you have a busy schedule such as I did during undergrad, on my car rides to my destination I would make time for God, so that would be praying, worshipping, or listening to a sermon. And on the days where your schedule is free, that’s when you can really dedicate time—so that’s reading and studying your word, getting on your face to pray, etc.

What advice would you give to a young Christian entrepreneur?

DO IT! JUST DO IT! Don’t worry about the resources or money, as long as you have a vision from God he will provide everything else that you need. And surround yourself with other Christian entrepreneurs as well, they will hold you accountable even when you feel like quitting.

Why is it important for millennials to have a positive brand? Especially Christians

Personal brand? Not sure if that’s what you mean by brand. But if it’s personal brand I would say it’s important to maintain a positive brand, because people are searching for light! As believers we must always remember that people are watching us even when we think they are not—in a generation where there is so much pressure to be like everyone on Instagram- its important to be a light, to represent hope, and boldly represent God while being true to yourself.

If you could give your high school self, one piece of advice, what it would it be?

You should’ve went to FAMU! Lol. Other than that, I am really proud of myself through my high school years. I definitely remained true to myself, morals, and standards without compromising.

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