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Horacia Printing: The Best is Yet to Come Planner Review

At the beginning of each school year my mother gives my brother and I something special, that we can carry throughout the year. This school year, I must say she out did herself! I was gifted with Priscilla Shirer’s devotional, Awaken (...which I will be reviewing at the end of the year) and a new planner from Horacio Printing. My life can get a hectic at times so I truly rely on my planners and notebooks to make it each day. Today I am going to share pictures and thoughts on The Best is Yet to Come Planner by Horacia Printing!

When I first opened the box…WELP! I fell in love.

This planner is defiantly different from the rest! Instead of just writing down routine task each day, it makes sure that you are intentional in your actions. In the beginning of the planner, you are tasked with writing your bucket list and dreams for the year. Then the planner encourages you to “refocus” by understanding the distractions in your life and then replacing them with your passions. Additionally, you go through series of writing activities that has you reflect on the intentions of your heart and evaluate any fears you may have.

This activity is titled Generosity Planning and asks you a series of questions about what you are intentionally giving towards.

Sometimes we get consumed with our daily routine that we forget to “check our heart." This writing exercise let me think about who I have not forgiven and how they are holding me back from Godly purpose.

I was hooked before I even got to the day-to-day scheduling portion. But somehow it gets better! Each month starts off with a passage and another set of writing activities that have you reflect on a specific elements of your life. The weeks have a section for you to write out your goals and then encouraging scriptures.

Not only do you receive a wonderful planner, however there are different accessories for the planner like decorative washi tape, a bookmark, notepads, and quotes to hang up in your room or desk area.

More of the goodies that came in my box!

I am so grateful that Mama A gave me this planner set this school year! If you are interested in learning more about Horacio Printing follow their Instagram or check out their website.

Moreover, it is my prayer that you will join me on this journey of being intentional with our time, fears, and passions. This week I challenge you to write out 5 goals you have for yourself and 3 simple steps you are going to take to achieve them!

Thank you for coming back this Sunday and I hope to see you next week for our first guest writer, Tesheba Oliver!



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