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I went to the moon and back

When I first started interning with NASA at Johnson Space Center, everyone asked me what I did. I would explain my projects and some of my cool moments - still people did not get it. So this summer while I was at NASA Headquarters, I made sure to take pictures every week.

I worked in the Science Mission Directorate, where I was able to learn more about community building, universal design, and the current experiments NASA is conducting. However, what gave my internship that love and warmth, was the experiences curated by the internship coordinators and the friendships that were formed. Hopefully, when you look at each picture, you will feel the love and warmth I felt throughout the summer.

So scroll and enter the life of a NASA intern!

My commute was fairly long and each day I rode passed the African American Museum and the Washington Monument....which was surreal

Our first day we were greeted with personalized messages and the NASA Administrator, Jim Bridenstine

....we even made it on his Twitter!

....I then became official (well kind of)

Without a doubt Amy, Lo, and Lian made my internship this summer fun!

Everyday we looked forward to 4 o'clock ....if you know, you know ;)

one of my tasks was to organize community agreements and then put it in a database....this seems tedious, however I truly learned the value of partnerships

....we were able to visit the control center for the International Space Station

Joe Acaba and Mark Vande Hei talked with us about Expedition 54/55 on the International Space Station

My favorite day, was Bring Your Child to work day! Each kid that I talked with was a literal genius - from creating apps to telling me amazing facts about Mars. I was also able to be a big kid ;)

The Science Mission Directorate organized a trip to Wallops Flight Facility.

and yes we really went to the moon (so please stop asking)

We had the chance to visit The White House and Eisenhower Building for a Future Leaders Summit

Many of the lessons I took from NASA is to try new things and form friendships to grow as an individual. So here I am trying Korean BBQ with other NASA interns for dinner

...we also took the weekend to explore Museum of The Bible

Our lunches on the rooftop were amazing because of the conversations and amazing view

we had a perfect view of the capitol on the rooftop

At the end of each internship, you are able to present your projects. This is always a bittersweet moment for me because I am genuinely sad to leave but I get so much hope from the other interns when you hear their visions and passions

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