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The Waiting Game

As I mentioned in my previous post, my graduation weekend was amazing! It was full of friends, family, conversation, laughter, food, and dancing (some of my favorite things). Surprisingly, all of my post-graduation worries vanished those three days. However, that honeymoon stage quickly ended and I was quickly reminded, by myself and others, that I had yet to secure “real” post-graduation plans. Yes! I am interning in D.C., but what I am really about to do with this new degree after the internship ends. I have applied to my dream Master’s Program and a couple of jobs and still no answer. Therefore, I am calling this new season of my life the “waiting season.”

Recently, my friend and I were talking about all of our post-graduation woes. During our conversation, she discussed when Jesus was tested in the wilderness (Matthew 4:1-11). Jesus had been fasting for 40 days and 40 nights, and was led by the Holy Spirit into the wilderness. During this journey, the devil tempted him in many ways. The devil knew what his weaknesses were at that time and tried to lure Jesus into his traps. Even though Jesus was physically weak and tired, he stayed grounded and resisted the temptation.

As I reflected on the passage and this season of my life, I asked myself if I am grounded enough to resist the daily temptations thrown in my face during the waiting season. The answer was NO! There have been many moments where I knew I was being led by my Earthly desires and not God’s will. I applied to numerous jobs that did not align with the vision God has given me or wasted my time engaging with people who served no purpose in my life.

No matter what advice we are given or the known and unknown prayers over our lives, the waiting season is still not easy. Unless we couple our prayers with real actions we will continuously fall into temptation. So! Here are a few tips on how to stay grounded and focused during your waiting season:

  1. Deep Devotion – I realized that this season of your life is the perfect time to draw closer to God. You have fewer worries and distractions on your plate and can really devote time to your relationship with Him. Devotional time is not a chance for you to cast all your worries on God, but to understand him as an individual. I believe when you truly understand who God is as an individual your faith in him grows deeper and you worry less.

  2. Accountability – My friends, family, and mentors have kept me sane throughout this entire process. It is important to have people in your life, who know and understand the vision God has called over your life. They are able to provide you with another perspective and let you know when you are getting out of alignment. Accountability partners pour wisdom (some that you did not even know you needed) that help you grow as an individual. Moreover, they are seeking opportunities for that they believe will help you pursue or execute your calling.

  3. Listen – Now, it is great to have accountability partners…but if you do not listen, they are useless. I struggle with listening and oftentimes have to remind myself that God gave me two ears and one month. Sometimes you can be so set in your Earthly desires that you deem people as haters when you do not hear what you want to hear. However, it is important to respect and carefully discern the words that your village gives you.

  4. Get Ready – Recently, I was able to talk with Lisa Ealy from Dare 2 Dream and she told me to be prepared for the request I am seeking from God. What are you asking from God right now? If it is graduate school, are you mentally prepared to start school in the fall? A husband, are you equipped to be a God-driven wife? A house, are you financially ready to take on the responsibilities of a house? After our conversation, I realized that I was not completely ready for the next season of my life. I have challenged myself to become more spiritually and financially ready (…say a prayer! Ha!).

  5. Breathe – Lastly, we can become so consumed in preparation for our next move that we do not take time for ourselves. I believe that if we are not holistically healthy, we can’t effectively carry out the next move. So, I am encouraging you to go take a yoga class, grab some ice cream, or even catch a movie. Just remember to breathe and take care of yourself.

For me, it is reassuring to know that there are others who are going through similar challenges. It is my prayer that you are more encouraged during your waiting season. In the #HerStory section, Bianca Zarders and Cherise McAdoo share their ups and downs of their waiting seasons. These two testimonies really encouraged me to stay grounded and faithful throughout my own season.

When you read Cherise’s story you will learn more about her journey in developing Resourceful Reese. Well! I am giving away $30 worth of services from Resourceful Reese. All you have to do is follow me (@tiarajeanae) and Cherise (@resourcefulreese) on Instagram, and then let us know what you hope to gain from Cherise in our comment sections. The winner will be announced June 20, 2018 on my Instagram and website, Tiara Jea’nae.

It is my prayer that after you read my story and others’ that you are encouraged to become more faithful during your waiting season.



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