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Ya Man- My Jamaican Experience

As a graduation gift to myself I went to Montego Bay, Jamaica with two of my friends! We booked it through Cheap Caribbean. This vacation served as a bridge from college days to adulthood. I truly needed this trip to disconnect while giving my soul and mind a break.

Cheap Caribbean was so easy to use...we literally just picked out a package and paid! Everything was included from our flight to meals to transportation to/from the airport...if you do not want to worry about the little things, I would defiantly book with Cheap Caribbean

To be honest we were exhausted our first evening there - so we took a well needed nap and went to dinner

The second day, we talked with an agent from Cheap Caribbean to book excursions for the rest of the week. This process was seamless - the agents were organized and very informed about each excursion

We spent the rest of the day by the pool

Each night, we got dressed up for dinner. The Grand Palladium Jamaica Resort & Spa had many food options. However, I would rate the overall food experience a 6.5 out 10 - either the service was slow or the food not great

This was the best meal during the trip - it was from the resort's seafood restaurant

The next day, we went on a huge adventure. We booked zip lining, dune bugging, tubing, and whiskey tasting with Chukka Caribbean Adventures

I thought I would enjoy dune bugging...but it was not for me so I quickly got off the vehicle

....and waited for my friends to be done

tubing was so relaxing

and then we went into the zoo area...

the next day we did dolphin riding! This was so much fun!!! If you ever have a chance to do this excursion, I would highly suggest it

Dolphin riding was on our last day! So after we got back we chilled at the pool and then packed for our early flight in the morning.

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